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search for single word, and not word versions

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Sorry if the topic description is a little hard to fathom.


How to I search for a word and not other versions of the word. For example, get "journal" but not get journalist, journaling, journalism, etc....








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Well, that was the first thing I tried. A search for "journal" returns journal, journaling, journalist, journalists, and maybe others.


It's certainly the simple answer. But doesn't work.





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I agree with the solution mentioned by Gaz. It is the way Evernote search has worked for the past 7 years.

I ran a test in my Evernote Windows desktop as follows:


Because I have 252 notes containing "journal", I created 4 notes in a new notebook named Temporary

Note #1 contained journal

Note #2 contained journaling

Note #3 contained journalist

Note #4 contained journalists


First Search

notebook:Temporary journal

search results: all 4 notes


Second Search

notebook:temporary "journal"

search results: just Note #1 only

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Yup;  like @jbenson2 I tried it out just to check things worked the way I expected,  and one word without quotes gets hundreds of hits,  with quotes gets about five.  We're both using Windows of course - what's your OS?

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