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Widget Not Sorting by Last Updated

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My boyfriend and I both use the Samsung Note 5. We also have shared notebooks in Evernote, and we've both been using the Android desktop widget, set to sort by recently updated so we can see when a note was updated by the other.

This is working fine for me, all recently updated notes appear at the top of my widget, whether I was the last to update the note or not, but this is not how notes are sorting for him, and he definitely has the widget to sort by most recently updated.

What other factors could affect the widget not sorting his notes as it is on my phone?

Thank you!

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Hi.  The notes you see that are sorted correctly,  but don't show the same way for your boyfriend - are they in your notebook,  or his,  or a mixture of both?  About the only thing I can think of which might explain this behaviour is that shared-in notes are sorted differently from owned notes.  You could also get the guy to uninstall and reinstall Evernote to clear all current caches with extreme prejudice - in case it's an issue with the device rather than with Evernote.  If you do find there are differences in the way that Evernote sorts shared notes,  please raise a support ticket/ bug report - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.

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