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picture "thumbnail" How did i do it ?

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Hello Forum


my first time posting here.

Last week i started using Evernote and i love it so far.


Yet there are some things i don't quite understand:


Somehow i made this "thumbnail" called 6000 of one Picuture by dragging and dropping it while it was already displayed inside the note like the one below the. If you click it you get asked how you want to open it.

But i can't recreate it. I like it more since i want to keep a journal and seeing every picture in full size is a bit distracting. Even better would be a small preview of the picture but as far as i found out this is not possibl, or am i wrong ?



I hope you can help me!

Thank you!




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Hi.  For any future queries,  it's always useful to know which version of Evernote you're using - Web / Desktop / Mobile - and what OS it runs - Android / iOS / Windows / Mac.


Having said that,  in this case it's academic - there's no way that I know of to create a thumbnail on any device in any OS within Evernote.  The icon in the picture though is just that - an icon for a saved file that's 1.5MB in size.  As you say,  the file name appears to be '6000' which is why it saves as an icon and doesn't show the picture,  and why you get asked 'how do you want to open this?'.


If you like the setup though - just change MyPicture.JPG to MyPicture.GPJ,  or take the JPG off completely.  You'll see the icon,  not the picture.  (If your OS is Windows,  you might be able to tell Windows to associate GPJ files with your image viewer and the files will open automatically.)

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