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Evernote Android App Crashing Uploading LectureNotes

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Hi All,


I've used Evernote with LectureNotes for many years without fail, but recently (in the last month) I have had 100% failure syncing from  LN (with or without recordings) to Evernote from my Galaxy Note 8 Tablet when I used the LN EXPORT feature.  The sync starts as usual, and I see the notification that it is downloading headers and then I will be notified that the headers have downloaded.  Once that happens, I get the error message either "Unfortunately, Evernote has stopped"  or "Last sync failed at [Date and Time] java.io Exception Write Failed: ENOSP. . . " and sometimes the app crashes.  When I start the app after the crash, I see that any notes which I have originated from my PC (web clippings etc.) have been successfully downloaded to my tablet, but every single LN which I have EXPORTED (not SHARED) has failed to sync on the upload.  SHARING as a PDF from LectureNotes also crashes the EN app.  If I SHARE (not EXPORT) from LN to OneNote, however, the uploaded PDF succeeds, but without any audio files.  So it looks like the problem is when LN is EXPORTING to Evernote.  I confirmed with the developer of LectureNotes if he had changed any protocols in the last month, and he said no.  So perhaps something changed on the EN side.


I have searched the knowledge base, and opened up a trouble ticket and received an initial response from LectureNotes support, with a promise to elevate it, but now I have had no response for about a week or so.  I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the difficulty?  LN EXPORTS as multiple .PNG files with attached audio files (if any).  Maybe EN has put restrictions on the number of separate .PNG file you can upload at at time, or there are new restrictions on audio files.  I say that because with my OneNote app, Microsoft won't allow an upload of multiple .PNG files and puts a cap on the size of audio files uploaded (LN can EXPORT its notes and recordings at the same time or separately).  


I also have the problem now that I cannot get my LN notes and audio off of the tablet because they are stuck in the Evernote app waiting to upload (I had stupidly deleted the notes from LN thinking they had uploaded to LN).  There are only about 10 of them so I wanted to rescue them--all important lectures.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi.  You don't say whether you're a basic, plus or premium user,  and of course there are differences in the amount you're allowed to save in one note and upload in one month for each of those accounts.  It's possible you exceeded the limit to cause this problem,  though you'd need a lot of large pictures to exceed the single note / upload limits for even the basic account. Either way I'd recommend you raise a support ticket - follow the Help Center in my signature below and scroll to the bottom of the Troubleshooting page for the Contact Support button.

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