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Windows 4k High DPI Scaling Issue - Still no Solution November 2015!


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As it approaches the end of 2015, and the popularity of 4k(Quad HD) Laptops/Computers ever increasing, it is alarming to see that Evernote has not yet announced or even hinted at the fact they may or may not be working on a fix for the incredibly annoying 'blurriness' that occurs on high resolution screens.


Disabling the High DPI Setting under Properties makes the programme clearer but then everything becomes so small it is unusable.


It is infuriating to think I pay for such a fantastic service and receive a bug which has been fixed by the majority of other major software providers long ago! (Spotify, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office to name a few) 


I have read a number of other blogs related to this topic, so I know many people are in the same boat.


I truly hope the Team at Evernote take note of this issue and mend it quickly!

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