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(Archived) Kowabunga! Viewing Synchronized EN 3 Beta Notes on Web

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Granted I am using the rather primitive Mobile interface to my EN 3.0 Beta EverNote notes under IE7 on my Windows XP Home laptop PC. :shock: So my notes really are synchronized to the "cloud" web server. Now I have to start messing with notes and synchronizing in both directions. :) This note began life in EverNote Classic (2.2), was imported into EverNote Lite (3.0 Beta), synchronized to the EN 3 web server, and then viewed on the server on the web using IE7, pictures and all. Whee! :)


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Try the full web client with IE7. Should be working fine now.

Downloaded and installed. New EN Lite client on the PC works fine. No change in the IE7 experience, however. I'll investigate and try uninstalling and reinstalling.

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