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Missing Share Invitation

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This is in General Discussions because it affects both EN Web (new version) and EN Windows 5.9.3 - plus email, Work Chat, Basic and Premium.


Long story short,  I needed a new Basic account because I planned a public share for some specific information,  and wanted it 'branded' in a particular way. 


Set that up via Evernote.com,  but obviously didn't download any software because I already have my main Premium account and a couple of others installed on the one machine.  I know I can switch between accounts pretty easily,  but I need to create some notes in premium and copy to the other account,  so it would be easier (I thought) to share at least one notebook from basic to premium. 


I duly set up share for one notebook and sent the invite to the email address connected to the premium account.  I've done this before (though not recently) and it worked fine.  So I switched back to the main account and waited for the email or a Share notification.  Nothing.  I waited some more.  Nada.  Checked spam folders,  other email addresses and the premium account.  Nil and Zero.  Hmmn.


Maybe I screwed up.  Back to the web account,  unshare the notebook (yes, the email address was correct) and try again.  Waiting... and now it's lunch time.  Went away for an hour.  Came back.  See various checks above - nothing,  nada, nil and zero.


Perhaps 'share' isn't working from the web (new version) account.  Can't be bothered to switch back and try again,  so I switched from premium to basic on the computer*.  Unshared and shared again from there.  Still nothing after another hour of checking.  (* Since I'm on both ends of this share I can set up the new account without any problems.)


OK I didn't need the invite anyway since I'm controlling both sides of this - but it would be nice to know what happened.  There's nothing in my Activity log on the premium account about the share or any chat invites.  However: View > Work Chat shows all of the Share messages of which I had no notifications at all.


I know email invites don't get issued for the 2nd share,  but first time around I didn't get any emails from this brand new account,  and in no case did I get any alerts from the application.


So.  I'm set up and working now,  but Work Chat as it applies to sharing notebooks seems to be a bit broken.  If you're sharing with someone it would be a good idea to ask them (by separate email) to check the Work Chat window if they don't receive any notification - they'll likely find the invite there.


Feature request:  More bells and whistles (literally!) when a share invitation is received.  And please fix this!  :)

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