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Small Audio file attachment

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I have about 4100 small audio files each anywhere from 50kb to 250kb. 

Each audio corresponds to a note, 

Together these audio files total about 190MB. I wanted to  check if this is going to be a problem or slow the system down. 


Thanks for your help

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Hi.  I currently have 20,000+ notes and a 14GB database so I don't think your files will be a major problem.  If you want these files synced with Evernote,  you will have beware of your upload limit - it's probably best to set up a new local (unsynced) notebook initially,  so you can upload all the files,  then move the individual notes into a synced notebook in batches.  If you're using Windows you can just move the audio files into an import folder to create the new notes. The file names will become note titles.  Mac has script alternatives.


Evernote doesn't have a built-in player,  so you'll have to make sure any device you want to use to play these files has the correct software installed.  Just click on the attachment in the note.


Best advice - try this process out with a few files first - make sure they're imported correctly,  sync to the server and play on all your devices - then you can process the lot!

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