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Delete the note without delete in Evernote

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Hello All,

A would like to ask. I have phone with android OS. The memory in phone is full. And I can't move app to sd card. 

I would like delete the note from memory the phone without deleting in Evernote. It's possible to do it?

Thank you for your answers


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Hi.  It is NOT POSSIBLE to delete notes from the Android app without that deletion being synced back to your other devices.  It is possible to uninstall and reinstall the app without affecting your main database,  which should (temporarily at least) completely clear any memory used by Evernote.


Unfortunately the Evernote app can't be moved to the SD card yet.  Notes are stored in temporary memory on mobile devices unless specifically selected for 'offline searching',  so clearing Evernote's cache (Settings > Storage) should remove any temporary notes,  and unselecting the 'offline search' option will clear any others.  I have a 14GB database so a few of my notes are stored in a 'mobile' notebook which is the one I have set up to download to my phone.


If none of this helps,  I'm afraid you'll have to look into moving or deleting other apps to give Evernote space.

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