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Siri to Evernote .... again!



Ok, I have seen the posts in the past and have tried a number of the IFTTT recipies for getting Siri to send a note to Evernote.


I have had limited sucess, unfortunately. Here is the IFTTT recipe I am using: https://ifttt.com/recipes/174068-boom-this-is-the-best-recipe-for-siri-to-evernote-yet


When I use Siri, the note shows up in the Notes folder, I have all of the settings in 'Notes' set up as the recipe says, and have all other settings correct (email acccount set up and tied to Notes, etc)


When I first used this the other day, it worked great - 'Siri, Take A Note' got the note stored, then it showed up in GMail, then was sent to Evernote via the recipe.


Now, a few days later, it is hit and miss. I can see the note in the notes app on the iPhone after I use Siri, but the emails are not getting forwarded to the GMail account I had set up. Actually, I should say they sometimes get sent, but not all the time.


Is anyone else having issues with this recipe? Or, is anyone else using it sucessfully right now?


Nothing had changed on my end - had sent a number of notes to evenrnote over a couople of days, thenn I noticed there were loads of them n the iPhone that never got sent, even after 24 hours. I even update to IOS 9.1, just to see if something was fixed, but the same thing is hapenning.


I am now trying the more clunky method of sending notes to Evernote via email (using Siri - http://moultriecreek.us/gazette/tip-dictate-an-evernote-using-siri/ ). I sure wish I knew what was going on with the iPhone, as it seems the link that is broken is the sync between notes and the gmail account.


Any ideas?




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The key to using Siri to send info to your Evernote account is:

  1. Create a Contact with a  very unique name for your Evernote account (I named mine something very clever:  "Evernote Account"   :D  )
  2. Speak slowly and clearly:  "Siri, send an email to Evernote Account"
  3. Siri asks:  What is the subject?, and you reply (this will become the Note title)
  4. Siri asks:  What would you like the email to say?, and you reply with the content of the Note
  5. Siri asks:  Here's your email to Evernote Account.  Ready to send it?, and you say "Yes" (or tap the "send" link).

I repeat:  Speak slowly and clearly.


Works everytime for me.

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Hey JMichael:


I have done a bit of practicing, and I thik that I should be able to make the direct email to Evernote via Siri work.


If I say "siri, send an email to evernote saying 'this is the subject' ", I can skip the step of waiting for siri to ask what the subject of the email will be. In this example, the email will be created with the subject 'this is the subject'. Siri goes right to asking what the email should say.


Thanks for the reply, by the way. I am still wondering why the iPhone is not sending Notes to GMail reliably, but the email to Evernote method will work in the interim.




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