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Bug: "Tags View" keyboard shortcut broken

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Which version.  It seems to be working in the beta 


You could try cycling EN.  I've had times where some keystrokes "disappear" (don't know if EN or another app caused the disappearance) and then reappear after a restart of EN.  FWIW.

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Thanks for the response!  I doubt it's being caused by another app, because if another app were taking over the hotkey, I would expect it to be broken for other programs, too.


But it works everywhere else.  It's only Evernote where it doesn't work.  That, combined with the fact that, historically, Evernote's Windows client has been notorious for being very buggy, leads me to suspect it's a bug.


I'm using the latest stable release,



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In the "Tags" View (reachable by Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T), the keyboard shortcut to "Rename" a tag (F2) does not work.


Thank you,



Hmm. Works for me on 5.9.1... (you have to first select a tag you are allowed to edit)

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