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Feature request: adding a file to an existing note from iCloud drive, Google drive, Dropbox



Hi everyone,


With the iPad Pro coming out, I will be working a lot more with Evernote for iOS. It would be really nice to be able to add a file to an existing note from iCloud drive, Google drive, dropbox directly within the app. I know it is possible to add a file to an existing note by emailing our evernote's address but it is cumbersome.


Thanks for considering!



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I had entered in the forum today in order to open a thread asking for this...and I found there was one yet created!!

I think is a very important thing in order to simplify the workflow using Evernote. I just installed OneNote in order to test if it had that feature, and works really well, so it's the nicely possible at least in the iOS side (don't know the Evernote software side). It's very convenient and faster than having to send the files by mail.

Please, consider adding this, not only to the iPad version for the incoming iPad pro, but for iPhone version also.

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Just stumbled across this feature request. Now the Google Drive integration seems to be there. Will there be a Dropbox or even iCloud integration? Like attaching (aka linking) a document to a note, and opening it on the cloud drive with the respective app (Office 365 or iWork or whatever the user sets the access for). That would come in quite handy for productive work, I think...


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