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First Page Not Saving/Being Deleted?


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Roughly 6 months ago, I switched to Evernote for data management and started using Penultimate to produce hand-written notes to be piped into Evernote. I have now found two instances where I produced a handwritten multi-page note, and the first page was either completely lost of severely neutered when loading into Evernote. The documents are still entirely present in my iPad in the Penultimate app.


The first instance, the first page only has the title line I added initially. The rest of the first page did not make it to Evernote, though the following pages are present in their entirety. 


The second instance has a completely blank first page, with the following pages being complete. 


For some reason, it appears the first page doesn't fully save to Evernote. Are there any solutions to either fix the problem completely, or to at least get my full-versions from my iPad Penultimate app into Evernote?

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