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(Archived) Email Into EN is Ugly

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I think it's cool that I now have an email address that I (or other people, I guess) could use to email things directly into my EN3b database. I've just forwarded a mail to my account from GMail. Granted, I use plain text mail, but the incoming result is just plain ugly. In face, all of the line breaks are gone, so I get basically a huge stream of pure text as a note. Uuuuuugggglllly.


Is there any way on the receiving end to at least maintain the line breaks?

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The other direction, from EN Lite on my PC or from the Mobile client on the web, the notes I e-mail to myself are gorgeous HTML with pictures. :)

I'll have to figure out how to mail notes to my EN Lite account on the web. Hmmm. So many new passages to explore. (Think, "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike." Hopefully, no Orcs. 8) )

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I sent an HTML e-mail from Outlook 2007 to the EverNote Lite web server using my secret e-mail address, and line breaks came through, as did bullet lists. The indention is messed up in the second level of the bullet list, but at least EN Lite uses different bullets for the second level of indention. In fact, EN Lite also inserts an extra line-break between paragraphs, but I can live with that. :)


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Yeah, and here again, we highlight the differences between the power users who are currently testing the beta, and the desired target audience.

1. I don't have a camera phone.

2. The spousal unit does have a camera phone, but it costs something 25 cents to mail a picture. Ain't gonna' happen :)

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