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[Request] Pin the Drawing-Window





Evernote for Mac provides the functionality to make notes/draw on PDF files in a separate window.


If you now switch to the main window of Evernote the drawing-window will be closed.

Very often I switch to the main window accidentally (especially when I use the drawing window in full mode and switch the desktop). Then I have to open the drawing window again and scroll to a specific page. I have large PDF Presentations (some of them with 800 pages) so it's really annoying.



What Evernote should provide:

There should be a Pin-Button (toggle button) on the drawing window. If you click on it, you can switch to the main window and even select another note - the drawing window will never be closed (you can close it manually of course). And if you click on the circled "a" on another note a NEW drawing window will be opened for this note (so you can have multiple drawing windows at the same time).


The pin functionality should be easy to implement.

To have multiple drawing windows at the same time would be great but is less important for me.


Kind regards




ps. Sorry for any mistake, I'm from Switzerland and my english is not so good...

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