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Importing CSV list as separate notebooks

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Hi everyone,I work for a small company and at the moment we are trying to utilize Evernote as a business diary to keep track of customer phone calls and orders etc. what we would like to be able to do is to have each customer saved as a seperate Notebook so we can keep notes specific to each customer. 

Is there any way to import a list of items and have them save as individual notebooks? I know its possible to import lists as individual notes by first converting them to individual text documents and I have done so successfully.

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Hi.  There's no way to import items to set up a list of notebooks,  which is probably a Good Thing,  since the maximum number of notebooks in Evernote is 250 and you'll presumably have more than 250 customers if your business prospers.  Plus what about prospects? 


Evernote's limited hierarchy is the subject of much debate in the forums.  - Stacks contain Notebooks,  which contain Notes.  That's it.  Evernote has 'listened' to the debate but so far have chosen not to do anything about it,  so that structure seems to be set in stone - at least for the medium term.


The main saving graces at the moment are 1) Tags - confusingly you can have an unlimited hierarchy in tags,  with as many levels as you need.  And 2) Search - learn to use search and you can find anything.


If you import your details and tag them with <customer name> <order status> forinstance you will be able to find all <quotes> for <Smith_J> in date order;  or those placed last week,  or last year.  Since the date you create the note isn't necessarily the same day that the order was placed or the invoice is due,  add the date to the title of the note as 'yyyymmdd'.  Your search could be [tag:"Smith_J" tag:invoice intitle:201510*] (without the square brackets)


The structure of the titles and tags will depend on the complexity of your operation (and personal preferences) and you should probably run a pilot scheme alongside your current systems for a month so you can change the details based on RW experience.  The benefit of Evernote is that your data is never lost,  and you can reconfigure the tagging and titles as necessary until you find the best scheme for your needs.


- You might also want to look at Evernote Business which works slightly differently but would allow you to share these notes among your colleagues and employees.

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