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Feature request - the EN equivalent of OS X desktop Spaces

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Quick Context from OS X El Capitan feature list:

"...Mission Control also enables you to switch quickly between different desktops – or Spaces to which you have assigned specific applications."



EN problem:

I have too many notes/notebooks/tags/etc... and though the search function is amazing, i'm often overwhelmed.

The search function is top notch, but simply seeing this many notes/notebooks is stressful visually.



If there were a way to cut the clutter of notebooks/notes I made years ago & filter my search based on the time I made it (similar to how you can google search something that was posted the last year/month/24 hours), then I wouldn't be overwhelmed.


conclusion / feature request:

Each year (or whenever my EN gets too cluttered for my liking), I'd like an option to re-build my evernote from the ground up.  Here's what this actually looks like - on the left side EN panel, there will be a new column (just like Notes / Notebooks / Tags , etc) that says "Dimensions" (or spaces or whatever EN calls it) that has my 2014 build of evernote notebooks/notes/tags, 2013 build, etc.


In terms of adjusting the depth of the SEARCH function, you can toggle in preferences which of your dimensions you'd like the search to cover - whether it be the present one you're working within or all of them combined.


Presently, to prevent feeling overwhelmed by all my accumulated notebooks & notes, I've been making separate EN accounts.  But my premium purchase only works on one of them... so the added feature of 'Dimensions' would solve that problem :)


Make sense?  Would any of you users appreciate the benefit of this?  Or not so much?  




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