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Tracking Emails sent from Evernote: Feature Request

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Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area of the forum.


I would like to request a feature that I think could be very helpful for Evernote Business customers. 


Our team uses Evernote to create stock forms and updates and then we use those forms to create new customized notes

and send those notes directly to clients as an update from Evernote.  It's quite handy.


The one thing we would love would be the ability to see/track when an email was sent using a note.  I realize that this can be done through CRM functions of salesforce and such but we prefer to avoid another layer of technology and stick to just using Evernote when we can.  I also realize that we can cc emails from our standard email to evernote but that still does not solve the issue of tracking emails sent directly out of Evernote.


Thanks for your consideration.

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You can add your EN email address to the email when your send it from EN and add a tag to the end of the subject to ID the notes.  Create date would be the sent date.  You end up with duplicate notes, other than any text you include in the email.  Not a particularly elegant solution for sure, manual intervention and all.  FWIW.

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