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(Archived) premium account- best OCR of text and photos

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Would appreciate any feedback about how to make this system any more optimal for scanning/searchable recognition in EN:

Scanner- Canon MP Navigator EX- MX320 Series

Evernote for Mac

Document type:

Text(OCR) (options are Photo, Document, Magazine, Text/OCR).

Scanner button settings:

Save as file type: JPEG/Exif (only other options are PICT and TIFF)

Once the file is saved, I click and drag to select the text/images and copy/paste into a new note.

This system is somewhat labour intensive but the best I have so far.... Any ideas welcome.


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OK, so to confirm.

1. Scan in document

2. Document goes through OCR software and gives you text and images.

Currently you select all and paste into Evernote.

Assume the OCRd document cant be saved as RTF? or PDF? If so then that could easily be put into Evernote.

If not then maybe applescript could help automate it somehow.

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Thanks for your response.

I scan the document, and I guess the text/ocr makes the text and text in images searchable. If I was to change it into a different format, say, PDF, wouldn't it lose it's searchability function within Evernote?

That is why I have been selecting the text/images after the scan and copy/pasting into Evernote directly, to ensure that it is searchable. (I suppose OCR is happening twice, but I'm not wanting to miss out on the searchability function, and I read somewhere that if you OCR the document on your own scanner ahead of time, the Evernote OCR works better).

So far, this is the way I have found to ensure everything gets searched, because images in PDF aren't searchable.

Any further ideas welcome.

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If you have a Premium account, then we will process your scan if it is in PDF or if it is in JPEG format. You can use whichever you like.

JPEG will be better for handwritten pages.

PDF is better for multiple page documents.

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