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Laptop Stolen

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Hi.  You can revoke access to Evernote from that device - full instructions here.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313878


Unfortunately that doesn't prevent anyone with enough tech savvy from browsing the database on your hard drive and seeing most of a note's contents via another app,  or if Evernote is set to open automatically, and you didn't sign out at the end of your last use,  they may have access to the current contents from your hard drive*.


You should (obviously) change your passwords to everything to avoid further loss,  and maybe look at 2-factor authentication and encryption (like saferoom http://www.getsaferoom.com/) for more security.


Edit:  *not sure what will happen when the laptop is denied access - it won't be able to sync,  but whether that will disable Evernote in any other ways... Can anyone from Evernote comment?

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Revoking access from the website will prevent the app from syncing any new information added to the account, and will also prevent the person with the laptop from adding or removing content from the Evernote application. If the app was left open on your laptop and you never logged out it may show your notes along with their titles. However once a note is selected it would prompt for the new password if your password was recently changed. 

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