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Folder structure

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Please forget about my post below. I did not know that tags can be nested... That solves the problem... 




I would like to ask two questions.


1.  I am a heavy ON user and I am thinking of what it would cost me if I switch to EN. The answer is clear. It is that EN does not have this folder structure that ON has. I have read the discussions on this and all those arguments for using tags. I am not convinced. I imported some notes into EN from ON and experimented with using tags to organize my notes. No, it is nowhere easy and that I feel like I will get used to. Anyhow, my aim here is not to start this discussion all over again because the discussion is already there and I am on the folder structure camp. My question is simple: Are the developers of EN considering to introduce a folder sturcture to EN: either in the Notebook view, or in the Tag list view. Is this being considered currently or is discarded from the outset? Is there a clear answer to this question? I will swtich to EN if this feature will be introduced. Otherwise I will not leave ON which is already a killer appplication.


2. What is appealing about EN is that its layout is neat (I am on mac) and invites you to use the app. The downside is that it does not allow this nested folder structure. I do not understand why the developers have been so reluctant to introduce this to EN while it is clear that it will win many users. As it stands, EN is doing nothing but torturing people to get used to its tagging approach. Why is it so important to EN to keep the tagging approach? Why cannot it be flexible and introduce the ensted folder structure feature and make everybody happy? Why?  


Thanks and hoping to have a positive answer on the first question... 

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