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[Request] Add the ability to set Reoccurring Reminders


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It would be a huge benefit to be able to set reoccurring reminders for tasks, instead of having to create a new/update reminder each time. It would be perfect for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.


Right now, we need to use 3rd party work-around's for this to work, but it would be amazing to have this built in.


Any ideas or updates?

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Hi.  Much requested,  but as you already know,  the only work-around is one or other of the many more and less integrated task management and to-do third-party apps.  Evernote don't share whether or when thye might look at this,  so it's business as usual for the moment...

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Best workaround for me has been to use FollowUpThen to set up a weekly email reminder.  I paste a Ctrl - Copy Note Link into the FUT so all I have to do is click the link in the email and I go to the note in EN.  I also tag the the note(s) !Recur for belts and suspenders.  FWIW.

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I've used any.do as a standalone app to remind me when my To Dos are due.

What I like about it is the 'nagging' feature. It works like this. Say I have a meeting with Karen and at the end I say OK I'll call you 09:00 Monday.

So I set a reminder for Monday at 9 o'clock.

Monday 9 o'clock comes round and up pops a reminder to call Karen but... I'm already in a meeting with Bob and can't call Karen so I press "Remind me in" 1 hour, three hours, tomorrow or whatever it is. The point is that any.do will keep on nagging me until I call Karen and then dismiss the reminder. I like/need that kind of functionality.


Does anyone know of a reminder app that has 'nagging' functionality and integrates with EN?

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