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Scan business cards and save to contacts


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First of all, I've scanned a business card before so I figured out at least once how to do it but it sure isn't intuitive!

1. How do I even get to the place where I can scan a business card?

2. Once I've scanned, how do I save to contacts?

3. Once I've saved, how do I get to the Home or Start screen again?  Is there even one?  When I open Evernote right now, it goes to the one business card that I've managed to scan  so far.  Tried closing it completely and reopening but still opening to that.  So I do to the 3 horizontal lines and my choices are "All Notes" which bring up Work Chat (that can't be it), "Notebooks" (can't be it), "Market" (can't be it), "Explore Evernote" (don't have time for that), and "Setting" (that's not it).   At this point, I don't even see a way to get back to where I was so I tap my initial and email address at the top and I get to "Current Monthly Usage", "Upgrade", "Evernote email", "Set up Passcode lock", "Invite Friends", "Country" and "Sign Out".  Obviously none of those are a business card reader (and it's WAY too easy to accidently tap the wrong thing-if your screen times out of you want to scroll, you'll almost always end up going somewhere you didn't want to!.  I pressed the back button twice on my phone and finally got back to the business card that I started with. There is a little box with an arrow in it pointing to the right but that looks like a chat. There there is a magnifying glass which is obviously search but when you type "business card" in it, it takes you to the one business card that I already have rather than the business card scanner.  The three vertical dots give me "add to home screen" (don't know what that would be for), "sort by", "view options" (don't know what that would be for), "sync", and "setting".  There is a + at the bottom right but it only gives me "camera", "attachment", "work chat", "reminder", "handwriting", and "text note". 


Kind of out of options at this point but the other conversations imply that you can use it to read business cards and add to contacts.  If that is true, I sure could use some help with it.   Heard so much about evernote but for now, it just seems like a complicated app that I'd need a whole instruction manual to use!  While I wait for an answer, I think I will download some other card readers and if they work better, I may just uninstall Evernote.  

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I've scanned many, many business cards in Evernote over the years by taking a picture in Evernote on my iPhone — but it has been a few months. I can now find no way to save the info to the Contacts app. Has this feature been removed, or can I just not find it?

Currently, I'm a premium user. It would seem quite counter intuitive to make an app less useful.

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i see that the last post was 2016! and no answer. i had given up on connecting business cards to my contacts long ago until today, for the first time i read on the "help" site that you can indeed do this. so i, using my iPhone, followed the instructions to "turn on" automatic Attention Deficit Disorder to contacts in settings, but the settings doesn't have the options given in the directions. in addition, there used to be an automatic prompt for scanning both sides of the card. but i couldn't find any such option today. i went to the "help" and "tech support" "sites" but was sent in circles. no answers. "very frustrating"!

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I came here looking for business card import FROM Evernote TO Contacts (something that I'm certain was there previously). In the past I've scanned BC's and had the option to import to Contacts. Apparently you need to give Evernote access to your contacts through Privacy:

Settings>Privacy>Contacts>[Click Evernote ON]

Then, in Evernote:

Account>Settings>Camera>Business Cards>Save to Contact [Click ON]

Now, when you scan a BC, it will go into the Evernote folder AND your Contacts. It would seem that an increase in App Privacy (an issue that is paramount IMHO) makes these steps necessary.

The sad part is that apparently, you can NOT push 'already scanned cards' to Contacts. This basically means that once you've set up the [above] process, you'll need to rescan all the cards that have NOT made it to your contacts. I just scanned two new cards, set up the privacy [above] and had to rescan the cards to get them into Contacts. I then had duplicates in the 'Business Card' folder IN Evernote, and simply deleted the dups. 

Hope this helps.

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