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split screen on laptop app



would be good to be able to split a note so I can see two different sections of the same note

i often work through long notes and want to create a summary at the top...I know I could use a temp note and then copy/paste...however it would be nice to have this feature in the same note

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thanks for the reply...however:

1. I can't open a note twice - I'm on a Mac.

that said, i can edit the note in the Evernote app and have the same note open alongside...which could work...however:

2. whenever I paste an item from the bottom of the note, the cursor of both notes jumps to the top...so it defeats the object

it's nothing major however it would be nice to be able to split the screen

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Yep,  sorry;  opening twice doesn't work on Windows either but as you say the app and a separate Window gives you two views.  The jumping is what I imagined might be the problem. 


It is possible to get around that to a degree if you split long notes into shorter segments - roughly one screen full per note - and give them descriptive titles.  Use a Table of Contents note to list all the individual pieces,  and cut-and-paste the order to move bigger pieces around,  C&P between notes to fine-tune.

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