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Evernote access management

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I have a secure work environment with evernote installed. But I realized through evernote a user can transfer everything by saving the notes or note books to say desktop and then importing them to a different evernote account. How can I prevent this from happening? Why not allow to create a admin account during installation that allows access to other accounts explicitly? Pretty much like access to a computer with multiple allowed users. Because otherwise the meaning of having a secure desktop with evernote would be impossible. 

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Hi.  I don't see how you could reconcile the idea of account content being personal to one individual but optionally shareable amongst many with locking down access to 'other accounts' by which I assume you mean shared-in notes.  You seem to be looking for enterprise level security in what is essentially a domestic product.  Evernote's Business product has better security,  but again if your area of concern is an authorised user smuggling proprietary content out of the company you can't rely on a single application to provide the necessary containment.  You'd have to limit internet access,  mobile devices,  email...


Evernote isn't designed to provide the levels of protection you seem to be searching for.

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