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Query for "web clipper" source not working reliably

Alexander Schatten


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That is easily explained: I actually tagged notes I clipped with the tag "webclip". Now I count the number of notes tagged like that and compared it with the number resulted by the query mentioned above. the query results in a significantly lower number. 


It obviously might be the case that I forgot to tag some clips, but I certainly did not tag so many notes as "clipped" wrongly.


(this is also the background of my story: I wanted to stop the tagging, but as the query results are wrong this does not pan out for me)

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As a matter of interest - if you couldn't find all the web clipped notes,  how'd you know that only about 70% were found?  I'd say the experience merits a support request  - choose "troubleshooting" in the Help Center (link in my sig) and scroll down to 'Contact Support'.

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