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How can I make my selections under Options permanent?

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How can I make the following selected options permanent?  (They are returned to the defautl settings every time I turn off the computer and then turn it back on.)






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Windows XP Pro SP3

Firefox 41.0.2


I only see Options, I do not see File.  Where would I find File?


Are my selections under Options not saved?  If they are saved, are they saved as cookies in my computer or are they saved in the cloud?


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Ah.  If you use the installed desktop client,  you'd get some extra functionality and the saved options.  If you're using the web,  you just get defaults every time you log in to the account.

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I do not think that the Windows desktop client would be useful to me, since those saved settings would only appear on my desktop computer, while I also need them to show in my Android devices and Windows laptops.  Is there a workaround?


Thank you for your assistance in clearing this issue for me.

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Settings are by device, so you need to them on the Android and the desktop client.  Give the web a try, set it the sort and view the way want and then log out.  It has maintained for me in the past session to sessions with Firefox and Chrome.  The settings are unique to the browser not the account.  Perhaps not the same with @Gaz per the above.


EDIT.  This is classic web not the new one.

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