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PDF attachments not showing on offline notebooks

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I have set up some notebooks to be available offline and all works fine EXCEPT that I can not open PDF documents. Is it normal? I.e, if we are offline we can´t open any attachments? Thanks for your help

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Hi.  It's normal for PDFs not to be downloaded to a mobile device except when specifically requested - mobiles usually having very-to-fairly restricted storage and PDF files possibly being rather large,  I'd guess it's a policy decision so you get more note detail and less PDF content.  It's possible to save a PDF file to JPGs (in an editor like Acrobat) which will be displayed in line,  or you could (on a desktop) select your local notes,  save the attachments to a folder,  and move the content to external storage on your device.  I can't think of a way to link from Evernote to the file however - you'd have to get the name from Evernote and then search the attachments folder manually to find the right file...  messy.


Feature request for the mobile teams - how about a 'save to SD card' option for note attachments from the mobile apps, guys?


Edit: that last would be so you can set up an offline searchable notebook and then save the attachments while you have a wifi/ network signal,  so you can open the content when offline.  Hmmn.  Any edits would then have to be manually moved back into the related notes...

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