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Incorrect spacing between words

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Two things:


First: I've been a long time user of Evernote. I'm a software QA for my full-job, and I'm a managing editor of a large writing blog in my spare time. I mainly use Evernote as my digital brain.


Recently, I was experimenting with my writing workflow and I plopped many of my blog posts in Evernote to work on. I ended up not liking it and when I moved my writing out, the spacing was atrocious. I popped some text in Ulysses (my markdown editor of choice), highlighted the text, and found the culprit. post-273780-0-42662800-1445703833_thumb.


I've tried copy/pasting into text edit, removing formatting, converting to plain text, several online programs that strip formatting, and nothing is working. Is there any shortcut, something that will fix that spacing to the correct so I don't have to manually correct this?


Second, since I know Evernote PMs read these forums, here's my desperate scream into the void.


Dear Awesome People of Evernote: 


I love Evernote to pieces, but that is not the appropriate formatting for a space between words. I realize Evernote is not a text editor, but if I click Simply Formatting the expected behavior should include removing a  non-standard space (as shown above) and inserting the standard one, shown below.



What's worse is I don't recall having this issue before. I was able to cut and paste without any issues, so this leads me to believe this defect is recent.


As a QA, I understand it's impossible to catch all bugs and defects. I also understand the pressures of working at a startup software company, and herculean task it is to prioritize new features with fixing bugs, but between this and several other issues, it's bad. While these bugs may seem trivial, they are undermining your UX.


If you need more QA, contact me. I will test your software for free. Just please, fix these issues. 



Evernote: Version 6.1.1 (452254)

Mac OS: 10.11.1 (15B42)


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