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Evernotes Future Product Development

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Hello everyone,


I love Evernote. It became a major part of my life about 3 years ago and since they created the "plus" level for paying users, I've started paying!


The following three products are the ones that I use the most:


- Evernote

- Web Clipper

- Skitch


With the announcement of downsizing, I'm a little worried about the non-core products future. Does anyone know of the product maps for these? The Web Clipper especially makes Evernote indespensible and I just want to make sure these products don't die.





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Evernote does not offer their road-map. But there has been a recent softening of their hard-line position.

There seems to be more participation in this forum by actual Evernote employees.



And they recently posted this blog which spells out some of their future direction.



And a post by the new Evernote CEO



The clipping function is a core feature of Evernote. I doubt they will ever consider dropping it.

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