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Will Cate

Downloading Evernote from Google Play Store fails

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I've tried repeatedly today to download and install Evernote on a new Android device -- it craps out every time. Sometimes with a (489) error, and sometimes the DL just freezes at 36 or 37 %.  Rebooting the device, etc. ... nothing has made any difference.  One might think perhaps that the Evernote folks would be interested in hearing about this, but, alas, one cannot send them a support email unless one is a paying subscriber.

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If you check out the Help Center via the link in my signature and click Troubleshooting (or any other link),  then scroll down to the bottom of the page,  there should be a 'Contact Support' button you can use.  If your Android runs 5.1 Lollipop,  then this is a known fault and Evernote are working on it.

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