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Share Notebook Grayed Out

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Hello community, thanks in advance for the help/information.


I'm trying to share a notebook that I thought I already shared a long time ago with someone I am working with.  Of all my notebooks, the one I need to share access to is the only one with the "Share Notebook" option grayed out.


Both are basic accounts using Windows 7. The only difference between the grayed out folder and the rest that I can share is it is the largest with over 50 notes.  Also, I did not create the notebook but I can share others that I didn't create either.


Any help figuring out why I cannot share this folder would be great, as it's holding up my project.

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Don't know exactly what the issue is, but you could try moving the notes to a new notebook and then share that notebook.  Shouldn't be too hard a test since there only 50 notes.

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@WIndfall: You mentioned that this is not a notebook you created, so I am going to assume it was one that was shared with you. The sharer of the notebook would need to grant you 'edit & invite' permissions, not just 'edit'. Without the invite permissions you will not be able to invite others to the notebook. 

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Hmm, I will have to look into that.  The same person shared all my notebooks and this is the only one that I can't share.  It wouldn't surprise me though if he messed that up, he is quite scatter-brained. Good suggestion!


Assuming that is the case, will the owner have to reshare or is there a way to update my permissions on his end?

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