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Evernote persistently loses my edits

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I have a couple of notebooks that get edited every day.


A few months ago Evernote was inaccessible for many hours - presumably a system upgrade - ever since then I have persistently lost edits I lose at least 2 a week that I know of. I access Evernote from Chrome


Example - I store the times I arrive at work and leave - I typed that in yesterday - It was there - no question - today that data is no longer in that notebook


This isn't really a 'what's wrong' question its a statement that for what I and I would expect most people use Evernote for this is a totally unacceptable occurrence - I cannot recreate that data - its loss will cause me issues. If I lose some important reminder the implications could be serious. I'm really left no choice but to conclude Evernote is not fit for purpose and go elsewhere

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Hi.  So far as I'm aware no-one else is suffering a persistent loss of data*,  so it appears that the issue stems from purely local issues rather than a systemic problem. 


From your description,  the most likely cause would seem to be your use of web access to record the time you start and end - particularly end - work.  Changes made to notes online are saved to the main server and therefore should be available from anywhere next time you access the account.  However changes made in the browser aren't saved 'instantly' - there's a short waiting period before the displayed note is 'safe',  and depending on how you exit the note and the browser,  and how quickly you shut down the connection,  the information may not have been saved at all,  hence the loss.


Evernote system upgrades don't take many hours,  and I don't recall a significant outage this year,  but that won't be a factor.  To check Evernote's current status - http://status.evernote.com/ or Twitter @evernotestatus


I'd suggest you complete your note and sign out of Evernote online to make sure your closing details are recorded,  and check immediately you have an alternative access to the internet - presumably from home - to make sure the detail was saved.  Make sure you sync your new device to make sure the latest version of that note is downloaded from the server.


If your data goes missing again,  I'd suggest raising a support ticket - see the 'Contact Support' buttons in the Help Center (link below in my sig).


* There are occasional catastrophes,  but that's why they invented backups...

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