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(Archived) Stupid EN3b Dragging Tricks

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Well, not really tricks per se, but I wanted to see what happened if I did some dragging from my old 2.2 database into a new 3b database.

My results are in the image:



- you can drag a note from old to new, and it will "import", but with current date/time. No categories/tags come over.

- the original non-editable templates cannot be dragged over

- editable templates, which are really just fancy containers on html code, will drag over, but may not look exactly the same

- it looks like 3b wants to support note links, e.g., hold onto a shortcut to an older database, but the links end up dying after a couple of minutes, or a restart. bizarre.

Also, for those of you haven't gotten a chance to play with the beta, here's what the new printing would look like. Notice the lack of header information. (Good for some of us.)


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