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Evernote crashes when adding Text to PDFs

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Hi, I just got my brand new MacBook Pro (13", 2015) and Evernote crashed nearly every time I try to add Text to a PDF. I never used Evernote before and thought it might be useful for university. I'm running OS X 10.11 and the latest Version of Evernote. First I downloaded the program from the official Homepage, then I tried using the version from the App Store but nothing seems so work. I'm pretty frustrated as I payed 4,99 for a Premium account for one month (to try it out). 

To be more precise: I'm still able to move the PDF document but I can't choose between text, text marker etc. When I close the PDF the rest of the program doesn't respond either and it takes a few minutes (about 2) to close it. 


Do you have any ideas? 


I'm happy for every kind of help :)


I am German by the way so don't be too hard on me if not every sentence contains perfect English 


best regards 



Edit: I just downloaded the newest Beta version where there is not even a button to start inscribing the PDF ... and yes, I did log in first :P 

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Hi.  Try uninstalling and restart/ reinstalling the app,  and give it a few minutes for each operation until you're used to the process.  Evernote needs a little time to send any changes to the document back to the server,  so depending on the size of the PDF a couple of minutes might not be too bad...

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