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Paging through a notebook

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Hi.  Evernote 'notebooks' aren't quite the same thing as a spiral bound note pad - you don't normally expect to page from one entry to the next - things are found by searching rather than by looking.  There are work-arounds to page through the content - you could export all the notes to a PDF file,  or select all and use the Presentation Mode to step through the list.

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On 10/22/2015 at 11:45 PM, cglen157 said:

I've been unable to find a way to "page" thru notes in a notebook! For example, if I have a notebook with 30 notes in it, how do I "page" back and forth thru the previous notes?

This is how I page through my notes In Evernote Windows

I use the awesome Vertical Note view. (Ctrl + Shft + F5) 

This view is fabulous, but Evernote keeps it secret.

And I keep the Left Panel hidden (F10) to give me more real estate to read my notes content.

I end up with a screen that looks like this:



To page through my notes, I click on the first note in the Note List

I can then use my arrow key to move back and forth through the note titles and see the content in the Note Panel

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To: jbenson2:


Ctrl + Shift + F5 doesn't do anything in my Evernote! Maybe Vertical Note View is a feature dependent on what version of Evernote is in use. My current version Evernote Plus.


You should be able to do it in any Windows version - free, plus or premium.


But, I think you have to start off in the standard list view

>View >Notelist >List (or Ctrl & F5)


Then convert it to the Vertical List view with Ctrl + Shift + F5 


One drawback is the List Views do not show the reminders.

I don't use reminders, so it is not a problem for me.

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