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Best strategy to avoid accidental deletion

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I've had at least two occurrences where I accidentally deleted a large Evernote entry, once on the Mac and once on my iPad, and then it was totally gone on all my devices before I could save it on them. (I've got the Plus account, which if I understand correctly does not save my old files).  What's the best sync strategy to prevent this but still allowing syncing in a fairly efficient way?

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If you delete something important -

  • 'Undo' might save you if you notice immediately
  • The Trash notebook will catch note and notebook deletions

...but there's no strategy that can ensure you don't accidentally delete something vital.


Keeping a daily backup of your database would allow you some protection,  as would stepping up to Premium for a month to recover some specific lost data.  (The data capture is going on all the time;  it's just that only Premium users have access to the Note History fuinction.)

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