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Can't return to Table of Contents note from presentation

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It must be just me not knowing the proper commands, but how do I get back to the Table of Contents note from a particular note once I am in presentation.


Long version: To explain better, I create the table of contents note, select it and all the notes that I want to present and start the presentation. But once I click on a link from the Table of Contents, it takes me to that note and then I am stuck there. I can't go back to the Table of Contents. 


Anyone else has that problem or knows the solution? 

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Good news,  it's not your not knowing the right commands.  Bad news...  if you're using a ToC note as the home page for a presentation,  you either need to embed a note link back to the ToC at the bottom of each page,  or (less interruptions) you could add the link of the next page to the current one. 


Option 1 is easy - just copy the note link and then jump to each page,  paste the link and jump back;  jump to the next page...


When I use the 'breadcrumbs' links I tend to copy all the links from the ToC and paste the ful list each time,  then delete the one(s) that don't apply.  YMMV.

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