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Dean Ouellette Complete Guide to using evernote for Real Estate

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Hello Group,


I'm new to evernote. It appears to be a great tool for Realtors. I chose to use the model from Dean Ouellette as it seems to be very complete and well thought out. I like everything, I've read so far. I am having a issue with his template link and wondering if anyone else has used this and/or having the same issue. Help!!! LOL I really would like the templates instead of reinventing the wheel.

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Sounds like Dean's "Complete Guide to use Evernote for Real Estate" is not a complete guide.


If I paid $20 for an e-book, I would contact the author directly.

He has an account on Google+ but it looks like his last message was over a year ago.



He does say: "my main google plus page that i have built out is for the productivity agent.. my main email address is eastvalleyteam.com"


Here is a post from one of his affiliates:

If you are an Evernote novice or expert, this book will help you get your clients and transactions organized.  The author has even included downloadable templates to manage the marketing process for your listings, a checklist for finding your buyers the perfect home, and even a strategy for managing short sales.
UPDATE: Our apologies, but REBR is no longer offering this great resource to real estate professionals.  It was a very popular download, but the author refuses to respond to our multiple requests over the past 6 months to the promised payment for the promotion of his book.


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Did you try to download one of the templates?


If yes, what was the file format? .txt or .pdf or something else?


If the problem is with the link, what message do you get when you click on it?

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When I click the link this is what auto populates. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s11/sh/522d249d-64fe-4043-82bc-40cc30e3a6e8/151d7196ee1058cf181a4c902a0019dd. 



Note not found

The URL provided does not correspond to a valid shared note. This may be caused by a typo in the link, or the note owner may have made it private.



If you look at the details of the link, you will see /s 11/ after the word /shard/


I have used Evernote for 7 years, my shard is /s 2/

So my guess is that Dean joined Evernote several years after I did, but he has removed the share feature on this particular note. That is one of the problems with e-books. The author can take your money, then stop the link for the template and you end up with just a URL that goes nowhere.


Here are some other links that might be useful


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