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No URL in Evernote Articles from Mercury iOS

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I use Mercury Browser on my iPad, which has a built-in option to save articles to Evernote. However, I just discovered that none of the articles saved from Mercury include the original URL. This is a deal-breaker and means I'll either have to stop using EverNote or stop using Mercury.  Anybody know a way to fix this? Please don't suggest using the "Save URL" Option in Mercury, because I need the option to save the entire article with the original URL. Thanks!


Update: I have an IFTTT recipe set up to copy Pocket articles to Evernote, and I just realized none of these articles have the original URL either. What's a foolproof way to get the article and the note into Evernote, while still using my preferred browser?

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Hi.  You're not apparently using the Evernote clipper,  so I assume the Mercury option was never designed to include the URL when it clips content.  After a quick look at the website I couldn't see any mention of Evernote specifically - and other sites like Dropbox don't have any capacity to save the URL source,  so there's no reason why they'd design it in.  You'll have to look at work-arounds,  possibly Evernote-friendly plugins,  or clipping the page twice - once for the content and again for the URL.  The nearly concurrent created date and time should tie the notes together and you can always merge them later if you wish.  Or you could consider keeping a bookmark folder for the URLs and exporting the bookmarks as an HTML file if that's possible.  Mercury support might have more ideas.

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