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Is it possible to view all notes shared ? (private or public URL sharing)

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I would like to view quickly the notes which have a "public URL link".

For now, the only way i found is to open the "Share" menu and check if the checkbox "Activate the public link"  is checked.


Is there an option to put an icon on notes (in the List View) or a new menu listing all notes shared ?


Thanks for helping,





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Hi.  My publicly shared notes are all in one specific 'shared notes' notebook,  so I don't forget and accidentally move or delete them,  and my shared notebooks are in a specific stack,  or are plainly marked as such for the same reason.  There's no reliable quick way (AFAIK) to ID shares.  You could try running a search with " sharedate:* " (without the quotes) to see if that gives you a usable result...  it should highlight all shares,  but won't discriminate between public and private shares.

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