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David Soknacki

error message "net::err_unknown_url_scheme"

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1. I use Evernote to write notes on my Samsung Note Pro running on Android 5.0.2. Twice now Evernote will not let me back into a note.  From the All Notes list I can see an image of the note, but when I call it up, I get the error "net::err_unknown_url_scheme"  In the centre of the screen is a square with "Could not load this note" The "retry" button is ineffective.


2. From my desktop running Windows 10, I can open the note. Ditto from my Samsung phone running on Android 4.4.4.  ... but not on my Samsung Note Pro.


3. The note with the problem is about 2mb. I have 19 other notes, all of which are fine.


4. Last time this happened (to another note, but same environment), I was able to edit the note the next day.


5. Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is it a software or compatibility issue?


It would be great to understand this problem since I'm starting to rely on Evernote, and would hate to lose notes.


Help, please.


Thanks for listening.

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Hi.  I don't think this is an Evernote error - a quick Google for the phrase gets 1,900+ hits,  mostly for other software.  It could be indirectly due to Evernote not presenting information correctly to the operating system,  but it's not a common problem.  If you'd like to get to the bottom of it I suggest you raise a support query via the help center (see link below).

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Just happened to me on android 5.1 note 4. Edited a note, saved it, and now can't open it. UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEMA. Other notes work fine. I'd say evernote messed up when saving the edit. May have to copy content to new note and delete this one

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1. Thank you gazumped and isimmons33 for responding to my problem.


2. I was able to remove the error message and access my notes after uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote. 


3. Because Samsung now sells tablets preloaded with Evernote, I needed to root my tablet to uninstall Evernote.  I followed the instructions at http://androidcentral.us/2014/03/root-samsung-galaxy-note-pro-12-2/ The installation went smoothly even though I have Android 5.0.2 and not 4.4.2 as in the example.


Thanks again.


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