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Improving 'simplify formatting' (feedback)

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I don't know what part of formatting borks when it gets clipped into evernote, but certain sites map in bars (typically vertical) I can't get rid of. It appears to be some kind of a problem arising from tables or something perhaps, but simplify formatting doesn't fix it. My only recourse it to totally remove all formatting which I'd really rather not do.


In the bars1 example, it would be nice if I could right click that exact malfunctioning item and remove it. If I try, all it does it strip out the formatting from the number but leaves the mystery blue bar.


Similarly no luck in bars2. It's strip everything or deal with it.





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It's actually no small deal to capture a web page accurately with all of the background coding and CSS linking that's going on.  Have you tried highlighting a section in the web page and using Clip Selection,  or tried screenshotting the page rather than clipping it?  Sometimes Evernote Clearly works rather well instead of the Clipper - it's even possible to highlight some text in Clearly and 'clip selection' from there...

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