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Selecting a Reminder Time in Windows - AM or PM?

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I have two gripes with selecting a reminder date and time within the Windows app. 


Both may be easily solved but for the life of me today, I'm struggling. I don't use a lot of Evernote reminders but these issues have plagued me from time to time.


1) How does one select a time and assign an AM or PM? I see the time in the dialogue box (attached image), but there is no indication if the time is AM or PM. Last week I had an alert go off at 9pm when it should have went off at 9am. 


2) There needs to be a "save" or "set" button. After selecting a date and trying to select a time (see question 1), I'm always lost, wondering what to do next and then I have to wonder if it "saved" my reminder or not.


Maybe I'm just not understanding something but I find the process to be extremely frustrating.


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I think the setting you are looking for is actually a Windows setting that EN uses.  Go to date/time settings in Windows and make the format change there.  Close/open EN and the change should show.

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