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How to see actual notes in .exb file

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I'm a new user and have entered a few notes in the program.  I realize the notes are kept in the .exb file on my pc. It doesn't appear I can actually open that file to see the notes in the directory.  Is this just a backup file and basically would have to be "restored" in evernote if there were ever a problem? 

I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but my search didn't find it.



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In Evernote Windows, the .exb file is the Holy Grail that contains all your private local non-sync'd data and general data sync'd data.  It is accessed by the Evernote Windows program. 


A different storage approach is used in Macs.

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OK--I wasn't sure if it was a folder where you could open it on the harddrive and see the documents. It seems to be more of a backup...so as others have said--the key is to back up that file with my normal offline backup I do.  

Thanks for the clarification

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