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Outlook 2013 + Evernote Clipper - 5.8.6 and conversion failed

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Hello All, 

I have only been successful using Evernote 5.8.6(.7519). When it comes to Outlook 2013, and getting the clipper to work, I have given up on current versions of Evernote. 
5.8.6's clipper works with Outlook with no problems. However, you will get a conversion failed message if you are clipping a bulk amount of emails,
and some of those emails happen to be calendar items




I use Outlook + Evernote together using The Secret Weapon methodology - it's great.
But again, the only way to get past this conversion failed error is if you make sure you are not trying to clip any emails with calendar invites/declines/acceptances. 


Just wanted to share this. 


Good luck!

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