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Images aren't synching across windows desktop

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In the attached images. Top image is of PC #1 instance of Evernote with images inside my note. I've hit Synch (F9) multiple times in order to ensure images and text uploaded to server.


Below image is PC#2 that has synched all the text but not the images...only some lame placeholder icon where the image should be. Also clicked Synch multiple times, but still no images on PC #2.




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You could add a new line of text at the front of the note and sync on the first machine and after that the second machine, to see if it forces a sync.  If it does then just delete the temp text.


You could use the Copy to Notebook feature in PC 1 and create a copy the note and then sync to see if the "newer" version makes it to PC2.  If it does delete the original on one PC or the other.

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