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5 month old note is now completely blank

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Help! I have a important note to which I've been adding text-only content on a frequent basis since it was created in May 2015. Most often I'm adding to the note from my windows phone app. I didn't access the file for a few weeks, but today discovered the note was completely blank!!! I checked for older versions of the note, but it shows no other versions! Prior to three weeks ago I was frequently adding to this note. How could it loose all that data and not show any previous versions??? The notes contents are very important to me! Please help.

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Hi.  First,  we're not support.  This is a user forum,  so while you'll get some suggestions here I strongly suggest you raise a support request - follow the 'contact support' links from the Help Center (see the link in my signature).


Now.  No disrespect,  but are you sure you're logged into the correct account?  If you have more than one Evernote account it's worth checking..

If you only have the one account,  could you have moved the note to another notebook by accident?  Have you searched for keywords from the content?

Have you checked the note history button?  If you're a premium user that will show you all previous versions of the note.

Failing all of those,  do you have any trace of the note in your Trash Notebook? Do you have a Conflicting Changes notebook?


Do you have any backups of your system?  If that includes your Databases folder there will be a way to get back a previous copy of the note.  Backups,  as you now see,  are a good thing to have on the one day out of hundreds that things go badly wrong...

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