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Some pages are blue

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Creating a PDF document –that is, scanning multiple pages of the same document with Scannable– the app makes some of the pages blue. The text is there, it’s just that instead of being black text on white background, it’s black text on some blu-ish background. Any way to fix this?





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H.  No reason that I know of - are the 'blue' pages identical with the others?  Same background colour / same text colour and size / same lighting conditions?  If so,  I'd suggest you check through the Help Center pages (see the link in my sig) and contact support to raise a bug report / ask for tech support.  Scannable carries out a lot of image enhancement,  and maybe the same settings that turn out black and white pages under normal circumstances will also give black on blue if the lighting is marginal.

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This will happen when the camera does not set the correct white balance setting.  It uses different settings for different light conditions (temperatures), such as fluorescent, incandescent, sun, clouds, etc. You may be trying to take a picture of the document where two different light temperatures merge, such as fluorescent lighting next to a bright window. Try turning the lights off or moving the document away from the window (or whatever two sources you may have). This will help the camera set the correct white balance.


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i just scanned a doc. first page perfectly white, then the following ones in different heavy blue tones. its weird. there should be the option to select a neutral spot in an image/in camera (like the white page...) and that would be defined as white. Definately to be improved.

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