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Business Card Note as Contact Template



The Evernote Business Card scanner feature has been a great time savings. It would be remarkably useful if the Note format was available as a template in order to use with ALL contacts. Particularly useful would be the option of adding additional fields especially a customizable "Other" field that would allow a user specified field title/name.


I would be interested if anyone has developed anything like this for their contact management needs. If not, please consider my suggestion.


Thank you.

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I think it is a good idea. I used a business card reader called ScanCard.

It is able to scan the business cards and extract contents from them. It can also automatically add the information into mobile phones'address book. People can edit business cards and share them with friends or colleagues at anytime. What's more, they can create their own electronic business cards.is able to scan the business cards and extract contents from them. It can also automatically add the information into mobile phones' address book. People can edit business cards and share them with friends or colleagues at anytime. What's more, they can creat their own electronic business cards.

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